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बुधवार, 10 जुलाई 2013

English Error

आगामी बीमा सहायक / रिज़र्व बैंक सहायक / व अन्य परीक्षा के लिए अंग्रेजी से सम्बंधित कुछ बिंदु

1 we should abide / to the promise / that we make / no error

ans : always use BY with Abide

2  I / came to school / at the same usual time / no error

ans : choose one= at the same time or at the usual time

3 They have already put / the proposal for to be approved / in the en seeing meeting / before the union cabinet / No error

Ans : approval

4 The tribal People have / high regard for his because / he donated large number of / money  for their upliftment / No error

ans : large amount of money

5 She insists / you stay / until her husband / comes home / No error

ans Always Use ON with insists : you on staying

6 I answered / the questions / as best as / i could / no error

ans AS-----AS = Positive Degree (As Good As)

7 He selected for the post / because of he was familiar / with both urban as well as / rural way of life / No Error

ans Because of के बाद कारण आता है सब्जेक्ट और वर्ब नहीं |

8 Despite of Curfew / in some areas , minor / communal  incidents were reported / from different ares of the walled city / No error

Ans : Despite के साथ OF नहीं आता

9 The government has asked individuals / which income of over rs 10 lakhs to / electronic file tax returns for the year 2011-2012 / some thing which was optional till last year / No Error

ans : Electronically

10 After dinner / he likes to / retire in his study / No Error

Ans Retire to his study

11 It was a large / explosion but resulting / damage was extensive / No Error

Ans : ans the resulting

12 One of my desires / are to become / a doctor / No error

ans One of my desires is

13 The Value of the dollar / declines as the rate / of inflation raisers / No error

Ans Inflation Rises

14 Of the billions of stars in the galaxy / how much are / suitable for life / No error

Ans Use  How Many For Countable Noun

15 Unless you do not give / the keys of the safe / you will be shut / No error

Ans Until और unless के साथ NOT का यूज़ नहीं होता

16 I have  passed  / the examination / two years ago / no error

Ans I passed

17 The Earth moves / round the sun / isn't it / No error

Ans Doesn't it

18 I went to the temple / with my parents , my aunts / and my cousin sisters / No error

Ans सामान्यत : मंदिर जाने के लिए THE का प्रयोग नहीं होगा | I went to temple

19  Either of the roads / lead / to the park / No error

ans Use Singular verb with (Each Every Either Neither ) so replace Lead with LEADS

20 A hot and a cool spring was found near each other / No error

Ans A HOT and A Cool  Spring are  plural Subject so was replace with were |


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